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Total Station Training in Hyderabad

Total Station is a modern surverying equipment used by civil engineers and surveying engineers at field for various applications such as distance measurement, slope and angle measurements. All the measurement data is displayed and stored in this equipment..

This instrument replaces the old theodolotie which involved manual calculations and time consuming surveying. The onboard computer in this equipment can automatically use measured data to compute horizontal and vertical angles, distance etc. in realtime avoiding manual calculations.The data in total station can be exported to another computer for analysis, mapping of surveyed area with ease.

We are one of the most trusted names in our field today. It is needless to say that our institute has the latest infrastructure and experienced faculty members. These faculty members have an industrial back ground and that’s why they can teach our students so well. We are the best Total Station Training Institute in Hyderabad and Vijaywada because we have modern laboratories, high end workstations, a huge library of books and course materials, unlimited internet (our students can download .pdf files here), wifi system and we have a large collection of video tutorials (lectures of greatest professors on the subject). Galaxy Institute architectural design allows their students to make projects on their favorite topics. These types of project works help enrich their bio-data. The state-of-the-art infrastructure that our institute provides to the students is difficult to get elsewhere at such economical rates.

The Galaxy Institute has been being as a light house among the job seeking candidates and also lighting their life with bright future.

The Galaxy Institute is requesting the youth to study not only the courses but also which provides the instant and monitorial job with smart salary. For any more details see our contact page.

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